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Bristol Community College Legal Aspects Course Online For Spring 2016-Show Your Support Now.

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Legal Aspects of Boundary Surveying - Spring 2016
Sponsored by the MALSCE Education Trust
Full Credit Online Course
We Need 10 Interested Students
Action Requested: If you or someone you know is interested in taking an online Legal Aspects of Boundary Surveying course through Bristol Community College during Spring 2016, Contact Mary Ann Corcoran, MALSCE Education Trust Chair now to help show the support for this course.
The MALSCE Education Trust provided a grant to Paul  L. Gay, PLS, Esq. of SurveyLaw, Inc. to develop the course materials for an online  course entitled Legal Aspects of Boundary Surveying at Bristol Community College. Bristol Community College (BCC) offered this course online for the first time in early Fall 2015. 


To add the course to the Spring 2016 schedule of course offerings, BCC needs to get a list of at least 10 (preferably 12) names of  people who would likely enroll in the course this spring. Due to low registrations this fall, the college is reluctant to offer courses that are historically under enrolled.


Please spread the word to potential future land surveyors who may be interested in this course. MALSCE would like to make this a viable course option, but that won’t happen if there are not enough students signed up. BCC sent the word out to currently enrolled students and recent alumni, and now you can spread the word to those you know may be interested.


Feel free to contact Paul Gay with any questions about the course.  

Course Info: 
Bristol Community College 
Course Number: EGR 226 
Instructor:  Paul L. Gay, PLS, Esq. 
This is an online course available to anyone, no matter where they are located. The course is open to anyone who meets the prerequisites and pays the fee to Bristol Community College. The student is assumed to already have taken a course covering the technical and mathematical aspects of surveying or has some practical experience working in the discipline. 
Course Description: 
This introductory course covers land surveyor ethics and professional responsibility, real property law, real and record evidence, conveyances, recording systems, legal aspects of boundary establishment, unwritten title, easements, prescription, water boundaries and surveying plans. 
About the instructor: 
Paul L. Gay is an attorney  and licensed land surveyor with 35 years of experience in the field.  Mr. Gay has taught in the Engineering Division at Bristol Community College.  He has developed and taught a course on wind power under a grant from the National Science Foundation. He currently specializes primarily in boundary surveying, with a special interest in boundary dispute resolution. 
Mr. Gay has served as an expert witness in many trials involving land and boundary issues from Massachusetts and Rhode Island to Alaska. He has written books and articles on surveying, geology, local history and wind power, as well as Survey, a computer program for surveying calculations, Metrology, a Windows units conversion program, and Tide, a program for calculating tides for any date at many U.S. coastal locations. He is also President of Solar Star Energy Inc. which sites and installs photovoltaic solar systems.  
Due to his expertise in designing wind turbines, controls for wind power systems, and land use and siting, his unique skill-set makes him a sought-after resource for businesses and individuals exploring the option of adding renewable energy installations to their properties.  Mr. Gay holds a BS degree in sociology from the University of Massachusetts, a ScM degree in geological sciences from Brown University and a JD degree from New England School of Law. 
- - -  Sponsored by the MALSCE Education Trust. 






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