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Exhibitor Information - for 2011 MALSCE Convention

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Exhibitor Information - for 2011 MALSCE Convention

Updated as of May 18, 2011


Hello from the MALSCE Convention Committee,


The Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE) will be holding our annual convention on September 23 and 24, 2011 at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, Massachusetts.  As usual for our annual convention, we are inviting exhibitors to join us on Friday; however, we are changing the traditional format of the convention. Please read through this messge for details.


There will be three tracks this year: Land Surveying, Civil Engineering and Geographic Information Systems.  The tentative speaker schedule for Friday has been designed to ensure that about one-third of the attendees will be on break at any given time.  This is being accomplished by asking the exhibitors to provide the speakers for Friday.  The general guidelines of the presentations are as follows: 

  • The topics to be presented are to be somewhat neutral, we are giving you the opportunity to educate a large group of people. Specific product details can be provided at the booth.
  • Exhibitors and vendors of similar items may be asked to present together.  For example, if we have several HDPE septic chamber vendors in attendance, they will be requested to work together to educate the room on the general and common attributes of the products.
  • Exhibitors and vendors of certain items and software who cannot make a general presentation in such a short time can take the opportunity to show off a specific product feature.  For example, the Carlson Software folks really shouldn't give a general presentation on the software, but should take the time to review one procedure.
  • The tentative schedule allows for 20 to 40 minute presentations.
  • Not everyone will have the opportunity to present.  Given the great number of breaks, there are limited slots for presentations.
  • Audio/Video will be a challenge, but we will be sure to accommodate every reasonable need.
  • This is the first time we are trying this, so do your best to work with us.  If it works well, everyone will benefit and it may become a tradition.

The fee structure is staying the same as last year and is listed below:

  Sustaining Members Non-Members
Single $450.00 $600.00
Double $750.00 $1000.00


Reservations will have to be made in advance.  We will need proposals for the presentations by early August and drafts of the presentations no later than two-weeks before the convention.  A schedule will be produced and distributed by that time.


Booklets including presentation details will be printed prior to the convention.  Every exhibitor will be advertised within the book.  For an additional fee, exhibitors can enhance their advertising within the book to be in color and larger than the 1/8 page that will come with the registration.  Every person attending the convention will be given a booklet with every exhibitor's details.

  Black & White Color
1/8 page Complimentary $50.00
1/4 page $100.00 $200.00
1/2 page $200.00 $350.00
Full page $300.00 $500.00


We are very excited about this convention and we hope that you will be as well.  Keeping with tradition, we will be having an auction to raise money for our Educational Trust.  As always we will be accepting donations to be auctioned.  We will also have a casino night in the evening that all are welcome to attend.


Please, put the date on your calendar and start thinking about your presentations.  Please feel free to email Thadd Eldredge with any questions or suggestions for other ways we can enhance your convention experience at thadd@ese-llc.net.


Reservations forms will be sent out in late June.


Thank you,


Thadd Eldredge
President, MALSCE Cape Cod Chapter
2011 Convention Chairman








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