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FEMA Status of Flood Map Modernization Available Now

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Status of Flood Map Modernization, Risk MAP datasets and products, Risk MAP conversions, and NFIP Reform Available Through FEMA.
Below is a link to the FEMA PowerPoint presentation on the Status of Flood Map Modernization.  This was a briefing to the Flood Mapping Coalition presented in October 2010.  It is a pdf file so it should download quickly.   It is 5 MB. 

Click on this link to download the file.   http://www.floodmaps.net/eftp/files/697409057_Mapping_Coalition_October_2010_Meeting_Risk_MAP_NFIP_Reform.pdf


If the above link does not work, go to http://www.floodmaps.net/eftp/download.php and enter the following filename:



The “Risk MAP FY10 Report to Congress,”  “Risk MAP Digital Elevation Plan,” and “FY10 Flood Mapping Progress Report and Production Plan” are available at:  http://www.fema.gov/plan/prevent/fhm/rm_main.shtm

Further information regarding FEMA’s NFIP Reform efforts is available at: http://www.fema.gov/business/nfip/nfip_reform.shtm



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