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Massachusetts legislature 
        Research existing State statutes 
        Review pending legislation 
        Find your legislator 

 Capitol Hill – National legislation
        National issues (through NSPS)

Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Massachusetts Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
Look up a licensed surveyor or engineer

250 CMR  - Rules and Regulations Governing Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors 

Land Court 
Home page

2006 Manual of Instructions for the Survey of Lands and Preparation of Plans

Withdrawal from Land Court

Registry of Deeds
    County Registries of Deeds
    Deed Indexing Standards
    Document Formatting Standards
    Plan Regulations

State Regulations

   Home page 

Selected Regulations
Building Code, 6th and 7th editions 780 CMR
Coastal Zone Management Program 301 CMR 20-21
Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) 301 CMR 11
Dam Safety 302 CMR 10
Rivers Act
Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) 
DEP forms
Endangered Species 321 CMR 10
Excavation and Trench Safety 520 CMR 14
Expedited Permitting 400 CMR 2
Groundwater Discharge Permit Program 314 CMR 5
Handicapped Access to Building and Facilities 521 CMR
Highways, Department of 720 CMR
Land Surveyors regulations (250 CMR)
Railroad Safety 220 CMR 150
Septic (Title 5) 310 CMR 15
Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District 760 CMR 59
Trench and Excavation Safety 520 CMR 14
Waterways 310 CMR 9
Wetlands, Coastal 310 CMR 12
Wetlands Protection 310 CMR 10 

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

MassDOT Home page

Scans of the Massachusetts Harbor and Lands Commission Town Boundary Atlas

Field Survey and Baseplan Preparation Guidelines for Survey and Design Consultants





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