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MALSCE’s Proprietors Council is a group of MALSCE members that meet three to four times a year to discuss issues related to their businesses.  Proprietors Council members are also listed on the MALSCE web site.

Any MALSCE member, representing a firm, can be active and participate in the Proprietors Council. There are no membership applications, but Proprietors Council members must have paid their current year’s regular MALSCE dues, as Registered, Associate or Out of State Members, in addition to paying for Proprietors Council Membership. The FY2011 Proprietors Council Dues are $75.00 per individual member – this entitles you to membership in the Council through June 30, 2011 .  This is a special dues rate just for FY2011, set by the MALSCE Board of Directors.

The meetings are usually held on a weekday afternoon with a luncheon and a meeting. The meetings tend to last until 1:30 PM . The Proprietors Council Chair picks the date and topic for each meeting based on input from the members. The value of our meetings is in both the presentations and the peer discussions that follow. We can't effectively practice our profession in a vacuum. We need to keep in touch with what is happening with the rest of the world, our state, our region, our area of practice.

The person who serves as the Representative for the firm must be a MALSCE member in good standing. If you have any questions about the Council or wish to join, please contact malsce@engineers.org.

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