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MA Board of Registration Committee on Mandatory Continuing Education

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Mission Statement of MA Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors  Mandatory Continuing Education Committee
 (As presented at the January 13, 2015 Committee Meeting)
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General Laws Chapter 13, Sector 45 authorizes the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors ("the Board") to establish continuing education requirements for liicensees. As of this date, the Board has not imposed the requirement of continuing education on licensees.  However, the Board does plan to consider in upcoming months whether the public safety warrants the establishment of continuing educaiton requirements for professional engineers and professional land surveyors.
To assist the Board in determining whether continuing education should be a requirement for renewal of licensees, the Board is creating a Committee on Mandatory Continuing Education (the CE Committee"). The CE Committee is charged with gathering information relevant to continuing education in the engineering and land surveying professions, including, but not limited to whether there is a current need for continuing education of licensees, and the benefits, effectiveness, cost and burden associated with continuing education requirements.
Based on the information gathered, the CE Committee should issue a report to the Board outlining the significant factors that the Board should consider as part of its continuing education discussions and setting forth the Committee's recommendations on whether continuing education should be required as a condition of license renewal and if yes, how many credits, whether online courses should be acceptable, what subject matter should be considered acceptable content and/or required content, general standards for such courses and any other recommendations.
As a Committee of the Board, the Committee is required to post notice of its meetings and maintain minutes and records in compliance with the state open meeting law.  The Committee should provide a brief update on its progress to the Board within six months after its next meeting.
The Committee is comprised of the following individuals:
Dennis Drumm, PLS
Peter Hale, PLS
Paul Tyrell, PE, PLS
Daniel Carron, PE        




Sustaining Members








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