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MALSCE Board Passes Bylaws Changes

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The MALSCE Board voted on the amendments to the bylaws described below at their January 22, 2013 and February 23, 2013 Board meetings.


The changes approved will soon be reflected in the MALSCE Bylaws, which are posted on:  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pid=10256


The amendments to the MALSCE Bylaws are for the purpose of clarifying the roles of the MALSCE Board of Directors and Executive Committee.


The catalyst for these amendments was the inability to attract a quorum for several MALSCE Board of Directors meetings over the last year or so and the resultant inability to conduct the business of MALSCE in a timely fashion. This inability to attract a sufficient number of meeting attendees can be attributed in part to the size of the board and the resultant numbers needed to obtain a quorum.


These amendments address this problem by enabling the smaller MALSCE Executive Committee to decide operational matters and carry out the routine business of the association. Under this model, the executive committee will now have regular monthly operational meetings while the board will meet less often to hear reports and to decide policy matters.


Download the Changes  made to the MALSCE Bylaws.





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