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MALSCE News - Week of January 10, 2011

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News and Upcoming Events from the

Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE)


MALSCE Seminar:   OSHA 10-Hour Training - January 21, 2011

OSHA is changing the training rules -- this is last single day OSHA 10-Hour Course that MASLCE can provide.  After this session, OSHA is not permitting more than 7.5 hours of student contact per day.


With Bill Eyberse, Connecticut Department of Transportation
7:00 - 7:30 AM Registration, 7:30 AM - 7:15 PM Seminar
at the New England Water Works Association, 125 Hopping Brook Road, Holliston, MA; Off I-495, Exit 19 

Download the brochure:  1-21-2011 MALSCE OSHA 10-Hour Training

MALSCE Seminar: Legal Perspectives on Land Surveying Issues: What Every Surveyor Needs to Know II - January 28, 2011:  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10613&pid=10386


MALSCE Proprietors Council Lunch on Business Issues, hosted by Paul Tyrell, PE, PLS - Friday, February 4, 2011:  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MA_PROP_020411


POSTPONED DUE TO STORM:   MALSCE Central MA Chapter Dinner with Rich Vannozzi - this dinner has been rescheduled for Jan. 20.



Surveying Certificate Program Scholarship Applications Due January 31, 2011

Memorial Scholarship Applications (for Bachelors or Associates Degree Students):  Due July 31, 2011

Applications:   http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pid=10371


Lien Law for Design Professionals Signed Into Law by Governor Patrick.   On January 5, 2011, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law S2512, which is now Chapter 424 of the Acts of 2010. Passage of this law was a major legislative priority for MALSCE.   More information:  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10605&pid=10386 

NSPS Plans NSPS Surveying USA Events for 3-19-2011  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10603&pid=10386


NSPS January 2011 News and Views Now Available:  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10610&pid=10386


NEW 2011 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys - Effective February 23, 2011

Details:   http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10583&pid=10386


School is back in session and MALSCE Wants You to Visit Your Local High School

MALSCE's Trig-Star Chair, Don Poole, will help you bring Trig-Star and more information about land surveying careers to a high school near you:  http://www.malsce.live.getfused.com/index.cfm?cdid=10512&pid=10386


DIGITS Program Seeks MALSCE Volunteers for 6th Grade Classroom Visits

Help to grow the future of land surveying:  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10573&pid=10386


Key Dates  (see http://www.malsce.org for details)

1/14/2011, CALS Workshop: GNSS Standards for Land Surveyors in Connecticut presented by Associate Professor Thomas H. Meyer, PhD:   http://www.malsce.live.getfused.com/malsce/file/GNSS%20STANDARDS%20BROCHURE%201-14-11.pdf


1/19-21/2011,  New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors Annual Convention:   http://www.nysapls.org


New Date: 1/20/2011,  MALSCE Central MA Chapter Dinner Meeting with A. Richard Vannozzi    http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MAL_CMALS_1-12-2011 


1/20/2011, Tentative:  Eastern Mass Chapter of MALSCE, Board Meeting and Dinner Program.  Details TBA, when available, will be posted on:   http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MA-EASTDIN-1-2011


1/21/2011,  MALSCE Seminar:  OSHA 10-Hour Course at New England Water Works Association,  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MA OSHA 1/21/11


1/22/2011, 9 AM,  MALSCE Board Meeting, Schofield Brothers, Framingham, MA, http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MA_BOARD-1.22.11


1/26/2011, 6:30 PM MALSCE Berkshire Chapter Dinner  http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MA_BRKSHR_0126-11


1/27-28/2011, Maine Society of Land Surveyors Annual Convention:   http://www.msls.org/


1/28/2011,  MALSCE Seminar: Legal Perspectives on Land Surveying Issues:  What Every Surveyor Needs to Know II, http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10613&pid=10386


2/4/2011, 12:00 Noon MALSCE Proprietors Council Lunch hosted by Paul Tyrell,   http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?pk=custom&ac=viewEventDetails&eventId=MA_PROP_020411

2/15/2011, 3:00 PM, MALSCE Board Teleconference Meeting


3/19/2011, 9:00 AM, MALSCE Board Meeting, The Engineering Center, Boston, MA


3/19/2011, NSPS Surveying USA Events Planned: Details TBA   http://www.malsce.org/index.cfm?cdid=10603&pid=10386


4/26/2011,  3:00 PM, MALSCE Board Teleconference Meeting


4/29/2011, MALSCE Seminar:  ALTA/ACSM LTS Standards, with Gary Kent,  Details:  TBA
5/10/2011,  Design Professionals Day at the State House


5/20/2011, MALSCE Seminar:  Massachusetts Highway Law, with F. Sydney Smithers, IV, Details:  TBA
5/21/2011, MALSCE Board Meeting, Schofield Brothers, Framingham, MA


6/18/2011, 9:00 AM, MALSCE Board Meeting, The Engineering Center, Boston, MA


9/15-16/2011  VSLS 2011 Annual Conference at Killington Grand Hotel,  http://www.vsls.org/


9/23-24/2011, SAVE THE DATE:  MALSCE 2011 Convention on Cape Cod, Details, TBA


11/4/2011,  CALS 2011 Convention, 
See  www.malsce.org  for more on these events and news you can use. 



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