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MALSCE October 18 Seminar: So You've Discovered a Conflict. Now What?

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So You've Discovered a Conflict. Now What?

Conflict Resolution for the Surveyor and Resolving Boundary and Title Problems

Sponsored by the MALSCE Professional Development Committee
John B. Stahl, Cornerstone Professional Land Surveys, Inc
Friday, October 18, 2013
Holiday Inn Mansfield, 31 Hampshire Street, Mansfield, MA
7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Registration; 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Seminar


Reference Manual

Seminar attendees will receive reference material that can be relied upon as a future resource. This manual will be updated to provide citations and references to current local and regional laws, rules and regulations as well as local appellate court rulings as they relate to the seminar topics.

Members*: $200; Non-members: $250
  *Members of CALS, MSLS, NHLSA, NYSAPLS, REBA, RISPLS and VSLS can attend for the MALSCE Member rate.

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Part I – Conflict Resolution for the Surveyor


What You Will Learn

  • The classifications of evidence
  • The surveyor’s role in gathering evidence
  • How to resolve written, adjoiner, and occupational conflicts
  • How to apply legal principles to resolve conflicts

Class Summary

We will begin with a review of the fundamental aspects of evidence relied upon by the surveyor to determine boundary locations. The court’s view of evidence will be examined and comparisons between the role of the surveyor and the role of the courts will be drawn. We will look at problems with deeds, common transcription mistakes, conflicts in writings, and conflicts in evidence. We will discuss the distinct differences between written conflicts, adjoiner conflicts, and occupational conflicts. Statutory and common law presumptions, rules and principles which provide direction to the surveyor for conflict resolution will be reviewed and discussed. We will also review some real life examples of projects and court cases involving deed interpretation and resolution of conflicting terms.



Part II – Resolving Boundary and Title Problems


What You Will Learn

  • The role of the surveyor’s opinion in the resolution process
  • The surveyor’s role in the mediation process
  • How to document conflict resolutions
  • How to increase your professionalism, service and income
  • How to reduce your liability through the resolution process

Class Summary

We will start the discussion with a review of the authority of the land surveyor and the effect of the land surveyor’s opinion upon the client, the adjoining landowners and the courts. Our discussion will then focus upon the various methods available to the surveyor for resolving conflicts through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process and the surveyor’s role in formal and informal mediation. Specific examples for documentation of conflict resolution will be reviewed and discussed including specific advantages and disadvantages between various forms.



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