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MALSCE Surveyor Spotlight - April 2016

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MALSCE Surveyor Spotlight - April 2016
Justin Matithia - Crew Chief at Feldman Land Surveyors

“Surveyor Spotlight” is an occasional feature article of MALSCE News. Our goal is to present thought-provoking questions that give our readers a candid insight into all levels of experience in our industry. 
MALSCE: Justin, thanks for being our first interviewee! You’ve got an interesting story on how you chose a career in land surveying, tell us how you got started.
JM: I graduated Northeastern with a degree in finance. After working for a year as a financial analyst I knew it wasn't for me. A friend of mine had been with a surveying firm in Stoneham for about five years. Every day he would come home energized by his work. His days seemed a lot more interesting than mine. One day I played hooky and went out in the field with his team. From that point I was excited to see where the land surveying profession could bring me. 
MALSCE: After nine years in the industry, what do you think has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
JM: My greatest accomplishment has been taking on the role of a teacher and helping students develop a skill set to perform basic surveying tasks. During my first semester of the PLS Certificate Program at Wentworth, I was elected team leader and had the opportunity of coaching a team with no prior experience or survey education. I learned that in order to be an effective teacher it’s important to be tuned into the students and their overall level of knowledge. Over the duration of three months the team went from having very little knowledge of surveying to independently performing a building and site layout in the field.
MALSCE: What is the most rewarding part of your job? What would you change about your job if you could?
JM: Being a part of a project from start to completion, and seeing the final product, is most rewarding. I would love to be involved in more projects from start to finish. Typically, I will be involved in one or two aspects of the job. Seeing the job from the first stages of its proposal, progressing through the research, calculations, field work, drafting and project management revision is rewarding and I wish I could do more of it. 
MALSCE: Fast forward 10 years - what is your goal, and how will you achieve it?
JM: My goal is to start managing projects. One large benefit of this profession is how different every day is. Even the most experienced land surveyors, with decades of practice, are still learning and perfecting their expertise. Working at Feldman has given me the opportunity to study under some of the longest tenured professional land surveyors. I believe that putting myself into a role that allows me to absorb and experience as much as possible from those individuals will challenge me to become an effective project manager.
MALSCE: As a profession, what do think are the major challenges facing land surveying, and how can we address those challenges?
JM: The greatest challenge facing the land survey profession is the lack of knowledge and overall reputation regarding the profession. Many people do not know what being a land surveyor entails. It's our responsibility to bring awareness and credibility to the profession through education of others. Overall, we can help raise the standard to which we are held at. Too often in the professional world shortcuts are taken for a short term benefit. These shortcuts end up hurting the perception of the profession. We should work towards implementing land surveying as a professional service.  Land surveyors have made great leaps in the short time that I have been part of this profession and I’m excited to see what the future holds. 


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