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MALSCE and NSPS Sign MOU for 100% Joint Membership Program

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MALSCE and NSPS Sign MOU for 100% Joint Membership Program


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During November 2012, the Boards of MALSCE (Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers) and NSPS (National Society of Professional Surveyors) each ratified a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  that will continue to build and enhance our profession's national influence by joining our memberships into a single unified organization that represents the vast majority of the surveying profession.  You can download a copy of the final agreement via the link above.


The NSPS Board of Governors and the MALSCE Board of Directors believe that the continued success and growth of our society and our profession requires a stronger relationship between the national and state societies. This joint membership program will help strengthen the bonds between NSPS and the state surveying societies in other states.  This program will enhance our profession by creating a stronger NSPS with a substantially increased membership for NSPS.  The benefits of a stronger NSPS membership include:

  • STRONGER INFLUENCE in dealing with federal and state legislators, agencies, and administrators.
  • GREATER RECOGNITION when operating among other national and international professional organizations.
  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY in building on past, present, and future initiatives to strengthen the surveying profession.


Highlights under the MOU:


  • NSPS will represent MALSCE's interests at the national level and MALSCE will continue to provide education, advocacy and outreach at the state level.
  • Starting with the FY2014 dues year (starting July 1, 2013), MALSCE will charge each Regular/Licensed member with a legal residence in Massachusetts an annual dues fee of $40 (forty dollars), which will be forwarded to NSPS.  These members will then be members of both MALSCE and NSPS.
  • MALSCE Life members, whose legal residence is io the state of Massachusetts, may choose to participate in the NSPS membership program and would pay an annual NSPS fee of $40 (forty dollars).
  • MALSCE Associate and Honorary members, whose legal residence is in the state of Massachusetts, may choose to participate in the NSPS membership program. Those Associate and Honorary members that choose to become NSPS members will pay an armual NSPS fee of $40 (forty dollars).
  • The yearly MALSCE membership tally will include those Life, Honorary and Associate members that chose to become NSPS members.
  • MALSCE's first time licensed land surveyors, whose legal residence is in Massachusetts, shall receive free one year memberships in NSPS.
  • Student members of MALSCE membership can qualify to be included io this program at the current NSPS student membership fee of $30 (thirty dollars) for the 2013 membership year and thereafter at a membership fee of $10 (ten dollars) starting with the 2014 membership year.

MALSCE members will receive more information about this program in the very near future.






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