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MassDOT Design Consultant Training in July - Contract Time Determination

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Office of Project Controls and Performance Oversight


TRACK: Construction Planning (CTD-001)
COURSE: Construction Contract Time Determination (CTD) Study

Course Summary Description:
A Contract Time Determination (CTD) study is a construction schedule (prepared prior to the bid) to determine the contractual completion date in consideration of a reasonable approach to the work.  This assessment also considers various operational restrictions that must be clearly communicated to each of the prospective bidders.   The CTD also relies upon a construction planner’s reasonable production rate(s) for the critical elements of the work.  This design phase deliverable is also used to accomplish ten other goals/outcomes (see link below) that MassDOT values in support of MassDOT’s objective to improve on-time and on-budget performance.    



In support of this effort, improved construction planning is now required by Designers working for MassDOT.   For all construction contracts that contain utility company force account agreements, it is now the Designer’s responsibility to ensure that this construction planning schedule is developed to reflect the project scope/ requirements and that the design provided is ‘buildable’ within the specified contract duration.   

A review and discussion of each of the important aspects will be presented on the following dates.

July 7, 2014 -   2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
July 14, 2014 - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
July 28, 2014 - 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm


This course will be available on-line as a web-conference.

WebEx Registration Instructions https://massdot.webex.com

  • Click on the link  above
  • Enter CTD and  Click Search
  • Click  Register
  • Under Session Dates , your options as noted above are available for your preference
  • Enter  First Name, Last Name and  Email address
  • Click Register
  • If you need any assistance, contact   Karen.A.Brown@dot.state.ma.us

Construction Scheduler/Planner working for MassDOT in the design phase
Design Consultant Project Managers.

1.) Review the CTD Guidance that has been posted on the MassDOT web-site (link above)
2.) Currently under contract with MassDOT-Highway (future classes will be offered).
3.) Senior Project Manager or a Construction Planner with 5 years as is required by MassDOT.
4.) Working on a design that contains utility force account agreements.
5.) Required to submit a CTD within the next 3 months (Jul-Sep).

Learning Outcomes:
Acquire an understanding of the most significant aspects that MassDOT values in the preparation of construction planning schedules – utilizing the existing guidelines.

Space is limited to the 40 (MassDOT will offer future classes)
This class is limited to those design firms/planners that are required to submit a CTD within the next 3 months (July - Sep).

CTD Guidance topics:

Review CTD Tool-Kit Summary:

  • Guideline for a Contract Time Determination (CTD) schedule development (below)
  • CTD Schedule template for Primavera or “shell project” (.xer) – (linked to MassDOT Designer Tool-Kit)
  • Sample of the Limitations of Operations (Special Provision 8.03) that the Designer will be responsible to prepare and update (below)
  • Sample Limitations of Operations, Access Restraints, and Milestones (below)
  • Sample construction work ‘calendar’ restrictions (below)
  • Sample CTD narrative (below)
  • Sample CTD (at 25%) – simple / conceptual (below)
  • Sample CTD (at 75% or 100%) – detailed (below and linked to MassDOT Designer Tool-Kit)

Related Tools Summary:

  • Incentive/Disincentive Procedure, checklist and example (below – and linked to Designer Tool-Kit)
  • Bottoms-up (production based) Construction Cost Estimate (linked to Designer Tool-Kit)


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