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MassDOT Highway Division Prequalification Process

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MassDOT Highway Division Prequalification Categories Changes Announced


Effective February 11, 2011, MassDOT established the following Architectural and Engineering (A&E) prequalification categories for Surveyor Services:


S1 - Engineering Field Survey

S2 - Total Station AutoCAD Base Plan Services

S3 - Layout Document Preparation

S4 - Photogrammetry


S1, S2, and S3 are new categories for the A&E Board.  There are currently no firms prequalified in categories "S1" and "S3".  Forty (40) firms are prequalified in category "S2".  These forty firms were automatically rolled into this category after previously being prequalified by the MassDOT Survey Prequalification Committee under their category with a similar definition.


All prequalification ratings for Surveyor Services shall be assigned by the Architects and Engineers Review Board as part of the normal prequalification process for all A&E Services.


A grace period ending on May 1st, 2011 has been established for firms to prequalify in the Surveyor Services categories.  Firms currently contracted to provide Surveyor Services through the MassDOT Highway Division Survey Unit are allowed to fulfill the terms of their contracts, and continue that work only, without the immediate need to update their prequalification.


After May 1st, 2011, only firms prequalified in category "S3", which requires a full-time Registered Professional Land Surveyor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, can prepare State Highway Layout/Easement documents.

Please note that the A&E Board prequalification process also includes a requirement for each firm to submit an annual audit report in accordance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR 31) of their indirect costs and resultant overhead rate for their most recent completed fiscal year.  Firms that fail to fulfill this annual audit requirement are not eligible to receive new contracts with MassDOT or to receive federal money from any source, either as a direct recipient or as a third party recipient.  In addition, MassDOT will reject contract proposal from firms that do not meet all prequalification requirements.


Please review the information regarding the A&E prequalificiation process, including the Audit submission guidelines, on the MassDOT website at:



On February 11, 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Highway Division issued a letter to firms that were previously prequalified to do Architectural, Engineering or Surveying services.  MassDOT has added three new categories for Surveyor Services:  (S1) Engineering Field Survey, (S2)  Total Station AutoCAD Base Plan Services and (S3) Layout Document Preparation.

Here is the February 11, 2011 Letter from MassDOT Highway Division Chief Engineer Frank Tramontozzi, explaining the new categories for Surveyor Services:  Download the letter



Prequalification of Architectural and Engineering Firms and Surveying Firms:

Massachusetts Department of Transportation - Highway Division Architects and Engineers Review Board
Prequalification Categories (Revised February 2011):  http://www.mhd.state.ma.us/downloads/prequalConsultants/Definitiions.pdf



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