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MassDOT Highway Division's AutoCAD Civil 3D CAD Standards

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MassDOT Highway Division Establishes AutoCAD Civil 3D CAD Standards.





The purpose of this CAD Standard is to standardize drawing information and improve electronic data sharing between disciplines within MassDOT and from consultants working for MassDOT.
File Type Submissions
MassDOT Highway Division now requires that all project submissions shall include the following file types.  All project related Drawing Files shall be provided in all 3 supported formats, listed below.
AutoCAD Drawing Format (.dwg)              (Placed in DWG project folder)
AutoCAD Drawing Web Format (.dwf)       (Placed in DWF project folder)
Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)  (Placed in PDF project folder)

Of particular interest to the Land Surveying Industry:

  • For survey baseplans, the final submission as well as any incremental or progress drawings shall be submitted in all 3 supported formats.
  • For Layout and Easement plans, the Draft submission along with the subsequent resubmissions and the final approved plans shall be submitted in all 3 supported formats.
  • All projects initiated after December 31, 2011 shall be created in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Direct any questions or comments regarding the CAD Standard to:  CAD.Standard@state.ma.us


January 13, 2012 -The MassDOT Highway Division has established AutoCAD Civil 3D CAD Standards.  All projects initiated after December 31, 2011 shall be created with and conform to the MassDOT Highway Division CAD Standards.  This information should answer any questions regarding the electronic CAD deliverable required by the MassDOT Highway Division.

Link to Engineering Directive E-12-001 establishing the policy:



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