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NSPS Surveying USA Activities Planned for March 19, 2011

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NSPS Surveying USA - Saturday, March 19, 2011

NSPS Surveying USA - Supporting National Geodetic Survey Missions

 A historic opportunity to improve the nation’s surveying framework

On March 19, 2011, MALSCE members in Massachusetts and member of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) nationwide are holding a first-ever simultaneous nationwide Global Positioning System (GPS) survey  to commemorate National Surveyors Week and promote the numerous benefits of GPS.  This effort includes volunteer surveyors from all 50 states and numerous US Territories.


Those survey data, which meet requirements below, will be valuable contributions to the National Spatial Reference System, a nationwide survey control network which links and improves federal, state, and local surveying and mapping activities.  Resource materials for site coordinators are included on this page, with links.


To contribute your GPS data:

  • Fill out the Observer checklist for OPUS Field notes, then upload your data and mark description to  http://geodesy.noaa.gov/OPUS/ using option > publish my solution. This will utilize the National Geodetic Survey’s Online Positioning User Service to process and publish the survey results.
  • Email a copy of your data, with a photo of the people at your site (and caption identifying them), with your contact information to MALSCE’s NSPS Surveying USA State Coordinator:  Don Poole, dpoole@outermostlandsurvey.com

Publishing requirements

2.1 mark:   Any permanent mark of public interest is acceptable. Existing NGS marks, particularly NGS bench marks, will provide the most value to geodetic models. Your state geodetic advisor can help in choosing specific marks (or bench mark lines) in areas of sporadic GEOID/GPSBM coverage (blank areas on this map) or rejected GPSBM (or adjacent bench marks) listed here.


2.2 GPS data:  Publishing via OPUS requires a 4+ hour, dual-frequency GPS data file. Poor quality data (obstructed or noisy GPS) may fail the publishing quality filters.


2.3 equipment:  See the acceptable antenna list:   http://geodesy.noaa.gov/ANTCAL
Fixed height tripods are preferred, or carefully measure height to the ARP (defined for each antenna at the ANTCAL website above.) Bring a camera for the required digital mark photos, as described on the Observer checklist for OPUS Field notes


National Contacts

NSPS Surveying USA – Debi Anderson – surveyorlady@yahoo.com
OPUS – Neil Weston, 301-713-3191 x 103 – neil.d.weston@noaa.gov
Fieldwork & Publishing - Joe Evjen, 301-713-3194 x 109 - joe.evjen@noaa.gov
State Advisors – Ross MacKay, 301-713-1054 x 113 - ross.mackay@noaa.gov
Surveyor Associations – Dave Doyle, 301-713-3178 - dave.doyle@noaa.gov

Local Contacts

MALSCE NSPS Surveying USA State Coordinator:

Donald T. Poole, PLS, Outermost Land Survey, Inc.,  508-255-0477, dpoole@outermostlandsurvey.com

Abbie Goodman, MALSCE Executive Director:  agoodman@engineers.org

Additional Resource Materials for GPS Monument Site Coordinators

Suggested form for Commissioners etc.doc

This opens a word document  (in a separate word doc) that you can adapt for a letter or message to involve your local municipal officials.


Press Release for local media

This opens a word document (in a separate word doc) of a press release template that you can adapt for a local press release about your site's activity and people in advance of March 19 or after that date.  Be sure to include your contact information when submitting.  If you send a press release after the local event, please include a photo with caption.


Download a sign you can use on March 19

This opens a new window for this sign:  http://www.malsce.live.getfused.com/malsce/file/National_Surveyors_Week_2011_MAP.png



Press Release

For Immediate Release
February 15, 2011


Mass. Assoc. of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE) Announces NSPS Surveying USA Event

Boston, Massachusetts February 15, 2011— Today MALSCE announced that on Saturday, March 19, 2011 surveyors across the state will be hosting NSPS (National Society of Professional Surveyors) Surveying USA events in local communities to kick off the start of National Surveyor’s Week which starts on Sunday, March 20, 2011.  Advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment will be on display and collecting data at sites throughout the state.  In addition, surveyors across the entire nation will be hosting simultaneous events.  The goal of NSPS Surveying USA is to give the public an opportunity to observe local surveyors in action and to learn more about one of the world’s oldest professions.  Surveyors at each location will be available to answer questions about the event and to discuss the role of surveyors in the community.  Anyone with a GPS unit (hand-held or otherwise) is welcome to join in the fun.


For more information, contact:
Donald T. Poole PLS 508-255-0477, dpoole@outermostlandsurvey.com

For more information on organization:  www.malsce.org
For more information on National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS): http://www.nspsmo.org/



NSPS decided by a motion at its 2010 convention in Orlando to commemorate National Surveyors Week in 2011 with NSPS Surveying USA.  This will be a one day (Saturday, March 19, 2011) simultaneous nationwide GPS observance of as many monuments as we can populate with NSPS members, MALSCE members (and members of other State Affiliates) and members of any other organization we would like to include. 


This will be a marvelous opportunity to both gather data nationwide and to increase the public’s awareness of the survey profession.  We are planning and hoping for multiple stations manned in each and every state, preceded by press releases to attract as much media attention as possible.  The NSPS Surveying USA Committee will help with the press releases and assist with other ideas leading up to the event.


For questions, ideas, or offers of help, contact our MALSCE Chair for NSPS Surveying USA:

Donald T. Poole  PLS, 508-255-0477, dpoole@outermostlandsurvey.com

David Humphrey, MALSCE President:  dhumphrey@schofieldbros.com

or Abbie Goodman, MALSCE Executive Director:  agoodman@engineers.org





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