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Surveyors Rendezvous 2017 in Massachusetts - September 13-16, 2017

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Surveyors Rendezvous 2017

September 13-16, 2017
Boxboro Regency Hotel
Boxborough, MA  01719  (and Concord, MA too)
Thoreau the Land Surveyor
Famed Walden Pond
Historic Concord, MA
"The Shot Heard 'Round the World'




Surveyors Historical Society announce Surveyors Rendezvous 2017 in Boxborough and Concord, MA This national event, held annually around the country since 1997, celebrates the history of our surveying profession.


The 2017’s Rendezvous will be held near Walden and Concord MA, a few miles from Boston, along the Revolution’s ‘Battle Road’ of 1775. 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of Henry David Thoreau’s birth. Few people know that in addition to gaining fame as a philosopher, author, poet, naturalist, tax-resistor, environmentalist and advocate of ‘civil disobedience,’ Thoreau made his actual living from 1849 to 1861 as a skilled land surveyor. He left behind a philosophy about our craft that’s worth learning today.


For 6000 years surveyors have quietly led the march of human civilization. It’s a story seldom told, even to our own profession. At every national Rendezvous, Surveyors Historical Society examines and teaches another small part of that unexplored past - the remarkable accomplishments of land surveyors.


For more information and updates, visit www.SurveyorsHistoricalSociety.com.



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