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Top 10 things you should know about the NSPS Board of Directors Meeting

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Top 10 things you should know about

the NSPS Board of Directors Meeting

Friday October 9, 2015, Sandusky, OH

(In no particular order)

By A. Richard R. Vannozzi, MS, PLS


1) NSPS has redesigned its website and the new site will be launched shortly.  With the fast pace of change in how NSPS conducts its business due to the success of the 100% membership program, the site needed complete restructuring.   We saw a preview/demonstration, and I think it will provide a more intuitive navigational experience for newer members accessing the site for new reasons and possibly for the first time.


2) Jon Warren, the NSPS President has taken to writing a President’s letter (monthly or quarterly….not sure he knows yet what the exact frequency will shake out as) for the express purpose of communicating directly to members.  This was strongly supported by the Board of Directors and the states are being asked to republish the letter in their state communications.


3) NSPS is consolidating its committee structure.  In the past there were a multitude of committees (many ad-hoc) that reported directly to the Board of Governors and/or Board of Directors.  Tasks are being moved/assigned to standing committees first, and the committee chairs can either handle the tasks or create a sub-committee if needed.  This will streamline the reporting, monitoring and accountability to make sure that tasks the Board expects are being worked on are progressing.


4) Regarding Government Affairs, the areas of greatest activity are regarding legislation on Pipeline Safety and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).  Through COFPAES www.cofpaes.org, NSPS continues to monitor and address Brooks Act violations by government procurement offices, and support member around the country who report violations to them.  COFPAES has a nearly 100% success rate in getting professional services contracts reissued that they have filed complaints on.


5) Financially, NSPS has stabilized its finances and is operating healthily in the black.


6) New ALTA/NSPS land title survey standards will be issued and effective February 23, 2016.  They were approved by both the ALTA Board and NSPS Board in separate actions in the last week.  ALTA is meeting with the Mortgage Banking Association because both ALTA and NSPS believe that most of the misunderstandings on the application of these standards have their roots in the requests made by the banks.  Their hope is to work with the bankers to educate them in how to properly request services in the areas related to these standards.


7) There is a huge push to support the NSPS Young Surveyor’s group: http://www.nsps.us.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.viewPage&pageId=1268. This is NOT a student organization, but rather for young practicing professionals.  Most are licensed, or about to be licensed, and many are running their own businesses.  I see this as an acknowledgement of the fact that we need to transition the leadership of our profession, nationally, to the next generation and the willingness of the “older and wiser” to make sure that happens.  No one from Massachusetts is currently active in this group.  My “job” is to find someone willing to fill the role of liaison/member/organizer.  Please contact me directly if you are interested.  There is no question these folks will be the next generation of national leadership in surveying.


8) NSPS News and Views.  This is the weekly email everyone gets from NSPS.  We were informed that though “communication” from NSPS was the largest demand when the 100% membership program was initiated, what they are finding is that of the 17,000 News and Views that are emailed each week, fewer than 4,000 are even opened!  The leadership of the state organizations are being asked to make “open and read News and Views, it has lots of good stuff in it” a theme when they speak and write to their members.


9) The NSPS Spring meetings are going to be held in Alexandria, VA March 14-18, 2016.  These meeting will be held in conjunction with MAPPS.  The schedule will include the NSPS Student Competition on Monday the 14th (Which I no longer chair), a roll out of the new ALTA/NSPS standards on Tuesday the 15th, “Capitol Hill Day on Wednesday the 16th, Committee Meetings on the 17th and the NSPS Board on Friday the 18th.  The goal for 2016 is to visit ALL Senate offices on the 16th, so it is important that there be attendees from each state, aside from the Director (me).  I strongly urge the MALSCE leadership to participate.  I will definitely be there for the Committee and Board meetings on the 17-18, but everyone should consider coming down for the Tuesday-Wednesday program.  Fly down Monday night, leave Wednesday evening.


10) The NSPS Fall 2016 meetings will be held in conjunction with the WestFed meetings in Phoenix, AZ in October.




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