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UMaine SVT Offers Online Classes to Surveying Community Starting August 28, 2017

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Online SVT – we need your help!


We need to convince administration there is a market on online surveying education.  If you know of someone who needs surveying education, please pass this information on to them.  We always hear from people who want to come to school, but work and family prevent a move to Orono.  We are bringing Orono to you, so no excuses anymore!


The University of Maine Surveying Engineering Technology (SVT) invites the surveying community to take any of the following online classes Fall 2017 starting on Monday, Aug. 28:

  • CET 101 – Plane Surveying (3 cr.)
  • SVT 121 – AutoCad I (3 cr.)
  • SVT 110 – Instrumentation and Data Collection (1 cr.)
  • SVT 322 – Preparing Effective Property Descriptions (1 cr.)
  • SVT 341 – Advanced Surveying (3 cr.)
  • SVT 418 - Fundamentals of Surveying exam review (1 cr.)
  • SVT 437 – Practical GPS (3 cr.)
  • SVT 501 – Advanced Adjustment Computations (3 cr.)
  • SVT 511 – Geodetic Aspects of the US Public Land Survey System (3 cr.)

All nine classes can count toward a BS in SVT.  The 500+ courses count toward a Professional Science Masters Degree (PSM) in Surveying Engineering.  If you wish to take a class or classes please contact Ray Hintz (Raymond.hintz@umit.maine.edu).  The lectures, homeworks, and exams exist on an internet site; you have no exact lecture times.  All homework and exams have exact due dates.  Questions are presented via email and phone.


For Maine residents cost is simple – in-state tuition.  For the rest, it is complicated.

(1)    Simply taking a class or if not from New England you will pay out-of-state tuition.

(2)    Applying to U Maine as a SVT undergrad will reduce tuition to the “NEBHE” rate – in state *1.5 if you are from a New England state (CT, MA, NH, RI, VT) other than Maine.  Thus the cost of applying as a BS SVT student is offset by the tuition break in one class!

(3)    Applying to U Maine as a PSM graduate student will reduce tuition the E tuition rate – in state * 1.25 for all states outside of Maine

We strongly need you to apply for admission to undergraduate or graduate SVT or PSM degree if you want to take classes!  This lets us control the signing up of you for classes.  Please apply for admission as soon as possible, as last year the University of Maine stopped admissions two months before school began.  Once the online BS surveying degree is approved, all out-of-state students will pay the E tuition rate of 1.25 * in-state tuition.  I urge students not from New England to email Ray Hintz so he can tell you when this will happen.



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