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UMaine SVT Offers Online Classes to Surveying Community starting January 17, 2017

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The University of Maine Surveying Engineering Technology (SVT) invites the New England surveying community to take any of the online classes listed below starting on January 17, 2017. Note: these classes will only be offered if it has a guaranteed interest level. If you are interested in enrolling, email Ray Hintz (Raymond.Hintz@umit.maine.edu).

  • SVT 201 – Adjustment Computations
  • SVT 331 – Photogrammetry
  • SVT 352 – Practical Field Operations
  • SVT 532 – Survey Strategies in Use of Lidar
  • SVT 541 – Geodesy

All five classes can count toward a BS in SVT. The 500 level courses count toward a Professional Science Masters Degree (PSM) in Surveying Engineering. If you wish to take a class or classes please contact Ray Hintz (Raymond.hintz@umit.maine.edu). The lectures, homeworks, and exams exist on an internet site and you have no exact lecture times. All homework and exams have exact due dates. Questions are presented via email and phone.


For Maine residents cost is simple – in-state tuition.  For the rest of New England it is complicated.

(1)   Simply taking a class you will pay out-of-state tuition.

(2)   Applying to U Maine as a SVT undergrad will reduce tuition to the “NEBHE” rate – in-state *1.5.

(3)   Applying to U Maine as a PSM graduate student will reduce tuition the the E tuition rate – in-state * 1.25

Applying for admission to a degree program immediately will be approved before classes begin – see https://go.umaine.edu/apply/ or https://umaine.edu/graduate/apply/


Tuition questions: http://umaine.edu/bursar/tuition-and-fees/

All veterans of the US Armed Forces pay in state tuition!


Our Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) wants us to have an on-line SVT degree option and an 18 credit on-line SVT certificate program as soon as possible.  The certificate would meet current educational requirements of all New England states. The conventional SVT BS degree will still exist for students who chose to be in Orono. We realize many people want the education but cannot relocate so we are bringing the classes to you. The classes offered spring 2017 will count toward the BS degree or certificate.


We need a guaranteed interest level to move forward with this program. Thus if you are interested in an on-line SVT BS degree or an on-line SVT certificate (specify which one) it is imperative that you e mail Ray Hintz (Raymond.hintz@umit.maine.edu) with your intent today! I will keep you on a mailing list that will provide you with our target dates for implementation. If we do not receive a requisite interest level in these on-line options we will not be able to move forward with their implementation.



Ray Hintz

SVT program coordinator



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