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Updates from Massachusetts Board of Registration of PEs and PLSs - From January-February 2016

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February 25, 2016 PE and PLS (EN) Board of Registration Meeting 

At this meeting, The Board discussed:


  • Issues related to applicants’ eligibility to sit for PE or PLS exam. Examples:
    • UMass Dartmouth Civil Engineering graduate – would he be able to meet 18 credits required for PLS exam (NO, upon review of transcript.)
    • University of Cambridge student working on Masters in Chemical Engineering.  Would this MS, not ABET-accredited, be acceptable for 1 year of the 4 year experience requirement. (YES, at the discretion of the Board of Registration.) 
  • What constitutes a failure of the 2-day Structural Exam: This is now a 2-day exam (1 day Vertical, 1 day Horizontal). Some candidates fail one day of the exam.  Does this count as failing the entire 16 hour exam? (No, but there will be some clarification.)
  • Issue of proving that a candidate has actually taken a course recommended by the board as needed to meet the education requirements:  The candidate needs to prove he/she is registered.
  • Issue of registering, under comity, a construction engineer licensed in another state.  Construction experience ≠ design experience.
  • Request from MALSCE: Issue of course materials needed to prepare for the PLS exam.  MALSCE has asked the Board to assist with a list of updated materials.

Continuing Education Committee

The next meeting of the Continuing Education Committee has not bee determined at this time (as of 2-29-16). If the Board does approve draft Continuing Education regulations, changes to state regulations are still frozen by Executive Order 562 until after March 31, 2016.  After that, any new regulations still have to follow a multi-stage approval process, through DPL, Consumer Affairs, Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Executive Office of Administration and Finance, Secretary of State’s Office and then a public hearing. 


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January 28, 2016 PE and PLS (EN) Board of Registration Meeting

At this meeting:

Issues related to the Mass State Specific Exam (Jurisprudence) for Land Surveyors
  • MALSCE External Affairs Director Abbie Goodmanasked the PLS members of the Board for assistance with identifying the proper materials to help more candidates successfully prepare for this part of the PLS exam. 
  • North Carolina Dental Board decision and applicability in Massachusetts for the Boards of Registration managed by the Division of Professional Licensure
    • All Board members will be participating in DPL training on the case.
  • Building Inspector Issue
    • Some municipal building inspectors still not accepting plans from particular disciplines.
  • NCEES model law related to letting some PE candidates take the Principles & Practices exam before they have the required experience.
    • In MA, 4 years of qualified experience now, as long as candidate has ABET degree.
  • Also, the Board has some questions about the Center for Professional Engineering Education Services, an affiliate of NCEES, which is allowing international students to take the PE exam without the required experience.
    • More discussion of this issue expected at a later date.


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