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Updates from Massachusetts Board of Registration of PEs and PLSs - From March 2016

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March 24, 2016 PE and PLS (EN) Board of Registration Meeting 

At this meeting, The Board discussed:


  • Paul Tsang, PE, Mechanical Engineer from Parsons, is a newly-appointed member of the Board.
  • Proposed technical corrections to 250 CMR are now in Adminstration and Finance for review.  The Board of Registration expects to hold a public meeting on these regulations in May or June.  Link to these proposed changes.
  • eLicensing implementation: Renewal candidates will receive information in the mail as to how to renew on line and they will be provided an access code.  This is the first year that this will occur.  There was some discussion about possibility extending the period for renewal in case there are issues.
  • There was some discussion about the expiration date of a licensee’s registration and the ability to still stamp plans.  That is, if the registration expires June 30 and the person does not renew until July 31, can the PE stamp a plan in that period? Answer:  the Licensee can stamp plans.  
Continuing Education Committee

The next meeting of the Continuing Education Committee is expected to be on April 12, 2016 at 8:30 AM. 




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