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Surveyor of the Year Award - Accepting Nominations

The MALSCE Awards Committee invites you to furnish the name of any fellow member you feel the committee should consider as a recipient of the 2016 MALSCE Surveyor of the Year Award. This annual award recognizes a professional land surveyor who has provided outstanding leadership for the profession.
Please print out and complete the award nomination form by clicking here. Then return it via email, fax or regular mail by Friday, February 17, 2017 to MALSCE Awards Committee at malsce@engineers.org, 617/227-6783 or MALSCE Surveyor of the Year, MALSCE, The Engineering Center, One Walnut Street, Boston, MA  02108-3616, respectively.
Current Membership in MALSCE is required to be the Surveyor of the Year Award recipient. A past recipient is not eligible to win the award again.

Past Recipients of the MALSCE Surveyor of the Year Award-- (name and hometown at that time)

1961       Newell B. Snow, PLS, Buzzards Bay
1962       Llewellyn T. Schofield, PLS, Holliston
1963       Ronald G. Perry, PLS, Framingham
1964       C. Edwin Anderson, PLS, East Longmeadow
1968       A. Phillips Bill, PLS, South Deerfield
1969       Charles M. Anderson, PLS, Somerville
1970       J. Paul Bienvenu, PLS, Chelmsford
1971       Richard D. Thompson, PLS, Wayland
1972       James P. Lapsley, PLS, West Yarmouth
1973       John D. Halnon, Jr., PLS, Bellingham
1974       Kenneth A. Lucas, PLS, Reading
1975       Thomas E. Kelley, PLS, South Yarmouth
1976       Fritz K.A. Petersohn, PLS, West Peabody
1977       Robert E. Cameron, PLS, Dedham
1978       Robert W. Foster, PLS, Hopkinton
1979       Gunther H. Greulich, PLS, Lynnfield
1980       Louis Guerriere, PLS, Milford
1982       Alfred J. Ewald, PLS, Framingham
1983       John J. Unwin, PLS, Pittsfield
1984       David L. Mead, PLS, Eastham
1985       John D. Halnon, Jr., PLS, Bellingham
1986       Wallace W. Wyman, PLS, West Springfield
1987       Andrew B. Liston, PLS, Shrewsbury
1988       Robert C. Chevalier, PLS, Ludlow
1989       Richard L. Woods, PLS, South Deerfield
1990       Paul D. Turbide, PE, PLS, Newburyport
1992       Peter E. Hale, PLS, Plymouth
1993       Stephen J. Pflug, PLS, Marlborough
1994       Dennis C. Drumm, PLS, Pittsfield
1995       J. Harry Parker, PLS, Boston
1996       Thomas B. Wilson, PLS, East Longmeadow
1997       William C. Lanphear, Jr., PLS, Lynn
1998       A. Richard Vannozzi, PLS, Plymouth
1999       Dean A. Schofield, PE, Holliston
2000       Scott D. Cameron, PLS, Weston
2001       David W. Humphrey, PLS, Boylston
2002       Kenneth T. Strom, PLS, Jefferson
2003       Gary J. Fix, PLS, Lee
2004       Mary Ann T. Corcoran, PLS, Windsor
2005       A.Wayne Harrison, PLS, Auburn
2006       Carlton A. Brown, PE, PLS, Bangor, ME
2007       Joseph M. McNichols, PLS, Foxborough
2008       Emily B. Holmberg, PLS, Chesterfield
2009       Mary Ellen Streeter, PLS, Sandwich

2010       Gary L. Gauquier, PLS, Worcester

2011       Richard F. Gosselin, PLS, Millbury

2012       Kenneth B. Anderson, PLS, Hanson

2013       Donald T. Poole, PLS, Brewster
2014       Mark E. Violette, PLS, East Brookfield
2015       Stephen P. Dyer, PLS, Plymouth


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