What is Trig-Star?

Trig-Star is a  high school trigonometry skill awards program administered by the National Society of Professional Surveyors, MALSCE and a local land surveyor or engineer.

Why is it important?

Trig-Star promotes the study of trigonometry in high school and promotes by honoring individual students who have demonstrated superior skill among classmates at the high school level.

Trig-Star demonstrates the use and practical application of trigonometry in the land surveying profession to high school trigonometry students.

Trig-Star creates awareness of the land surveying profession among the mathematically skilled high school students, career guidance counselors and high school math teachers.


  1. Volunteer to contact the high school in your neighborhood by providing the information below to our Trig-Star Coordinator, David Prince, at or call him at 603/324-0894.
  2. Receive and review the Trig-Star Contest Packet.
  3. November: Contact your high school of choice.
  4. December: Find possible sponsors and turn in applications. 
  5. January: Get presentation information in order and set date to give test and presentation. (Contact NSPS for a speaker's kit.)
  6. Feburary: Give presentation --  introduce the contest by discussing the surveying profession and its use of mathermatics. Set a date and time for the exam with the high school.
  7. May: Give exam, schedule time to award winners, and give teacher the teacher evaluation form. Submit the following items to the state coordinator: original tests, copies of cover sheets, contest report, and teacher evaluation form. The deadline to determine a state winner is June 1.

More Information

Only one TRIG-STAR contest is allowed per high school per year. We’ll mail a contest packet with contest instructions, a test packet, and a sample news release to you. The NSPS website has additional information and resources

You, as the local sponsor, will need to make all the local arrangements with the high school. The winning student will be eligible to compete in the NSPS National Trig-Star Contest. The packet includes national contest information.

MALSCE Wants You To Introduce Students To Land Surveying

Download a Trig-Star form

MALSCE's PPT on the Land Surveying Profession - You can download this and adapt for school and college presentations. This is a large file that will take a minute to download.

Become a Surveyor

The first step to becoming a surveyor is to get a degree.  Accredited college programs in Surveying or Geomatics are available throughout the country.  Colleges and Technical Schools offer two-year and four-year degree programs.  See below for a list of programs in the Northeast, including a certificate program.

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