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Professionals at every level of experience in the Surveying and Engineering industry require up-to-date, accurate information.  MALSCE is also an educational association dedicated to keeping you informed.  Our web site, conventions, seminars, publications, and newsletter are designed to provide our members with the unbiased information they need.

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MALSCE provides many venues for its members to share their on-the-job experiences, discuss issues, look for solutions to problems, discover new clients, and open the door to new job possibilities.

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Build professional recognition and advance your career with the premier Survey and Engineering  non-profit association.  Volunteering with one or more of MALSCE’s committees and chapters will provide you new insights, contacts, and energy.  Opportunities are many! Present a paper to be published in our newsletter.  Become a chapter leader.  Gain recognition through State and Chapter Board involvement.  MALSCE involvement will get you noticed!

Membership Types

Registered Members

Individuals registered under the laws of the Commonwealth as either a Professional Land Surveyor or as a Professional Engineer. A Registered Member enjoys full voting privileges and is entitled to hold any office in MALSCE.

Associate Members

Individuals interested in the advancement of surveying and mapping who do not otherwise qualify under any other membership classification. An Associate Member enjoys full voting privileges but may not hold the office of a MALSCE officer.

Student Members

Students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program of an accredited school, college or university, which is also recognized by the Board, who have a sincere interest in land surveying. A Student Member has no voting privileges and may not hold office in MALSCE.

Out-of-State Members

Individuals engaged in land surveying, registered or non-registered, and not residing or practicing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  An Out-of-State Member has no voting privileges and may not hold office.

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The Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE)  is dedicated to promoting the highest possible standards of professional practices in the public’s interest. 

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Special Memberships

Sustaining Members

Any commercial firm engaged in the manufacture, sales or service of surveying and engineering equipment and supplies, or a firm supplying computing, reproduction or other services; or any educational institution in surveying and/or engineering.  Sustaining Members can advertise in the association’s quarterly newsletter, the MALSCE Surveyor, at discounted rates, and are eligible for a 15% reduction in exhibit rates at the MALSCE Annual Convention.  They have no voting privileges and may not hold office in MALSCE.

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Life Members of MALSCE

Individuals aged 65 or older, who can demonstrate membership in MALSCE for at least twenty years, has applied to the Board for Life Membership and whose application received the approval of two-thirds of the entire board.  Life Members shall enjoy the full voting privileges and shall be entitled to hold office in MALSCE.  Life Members are not required to pay dues.

Life Membership Application (pdf)

Honorary Members

Individuals of distinction, registered or non-registered, or an individual of acknowledge eminence in the profession, who, upon being recommended to the Board by a Registered Member, has received the approval of two-thirds of the entire Board.  Honorary Members shall have no voting privileges and may not hold office in MALSCE.  Honorary Members may hold other membership classifications with all the privileges attendant thereto.  However, they’re not required to pay dues in any membership classification

Honorary Membership Application (pdf)

MALSCE-NSPS 100% Membership Program

MALSCE-NSPS 100% Membership Program

MALSCE participates in the “100% Membership Program” offered by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). Through this program, eligible MALSCE members can also join NSPS for a nominal fee and receive the benefits of belonging to both organizations for one annual dues payment. For example, an eligible registered member of MALSCE will also be a member NSPS for an annual fiscal year 2023 dues payment of $295. This dues payment is comprised of $245 in MALSCE and chapter dues and a $50 NSPS dues payment. The latter represents a $175-dollar savings off the annual fee for belonging to NSPS separately, which is $225.

The 100% NSPS Membership Program automatically applies to all registered, in-state MALSCE members and is available to associate, life and student members on a voluntary basis. This wonderful program gives you full representation at both the state and national levels. As part of the Memorandum of Understanding between MALSCE and NSPS, John Lloyd, PLS, serves as the MALSCE representative to the NSPS Board of Directors.

NSPS Member Benefits

  • National representation for legislation and Federal regulation issues affecting land surveyors
  • Affiliation and representation with related professional groups  
  • Professional growth programs such as Certified Hydrographer and Certified Survey Technician (CST)
  • Promotion of the profession through multiple youth outreach programs and evaluation of Surveying degree programs for accreditation
  • Monthly and weekly legislative and current affairs digital updates
  • Discount programs on business and personal insurances, car rentals, and books.

For more information on NSPS undertakings, please contact: John Lloyd, PLS, NSPS Director for MALSCE, 508/762-9470,  

For more information on the MALSCE-NSPS 100% Membership Program, please contact: Rich Keenan, Executive Director, MALSCE, One Walnut Street, Boston, MA 02108, 617/305-4110,

*Please note that the automatic membership program does not apply to Associate MALSCE Members.  Associate Members can opt to join NSPS for the same $50 per year.

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